Whoever washing clothes is still using hands, as long as two PET plastic bottles, let's improve the new!


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Whoever washing clothes is still with hands, as long as PET is two plastic bottles, let's clean, like a new! When you wash your clothes, you will leave the scriptures directly, or you will leave traces! In fact, it is very simple, as long as the PET plastic bottle is lost in the washing machine, you can help you wash your dryness ~ and the plastic bottle is still not there! The brucer is eliminated, it is easy to drip, don't know where to put it. You may wish to use a PET plastic bottle to make a rague, and the use of the dishwash is placed on top, and it can slowly drip water, and it will not wet the plane. Simple Wand Washing Tooth Sometimes, what is often necessary to wash your hands, it is really troublesome, in fact, you only need to do this, play a hole at the bottom of the PET plastic bucket, put on the water to the event 2, due to pressure difference So, when you need to wash your hands, you will automatically flow out under the action of gravity; when you screw on the cap, the internal pressure does not have external, the water will be small, stop overflowing the paper towel. No paper towel cylinder? Use PET plastic bottles to make one! The pet drinking device filled the PET plastic bottle, fell in the pet feeding, the water level is almost almost, so that the bottle mouth is immersed in the water, so that you can automatically adjust the water level, no need to add water frequently.

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