A common process for mineral water, black tea, cola beverage bottle processing


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A common process of mineral water, black tea, cola beverage bottle processing has become more and more frequent in social and economic development, and the drink is more and more, just like this hot summer, what is people drinking black tea, Sprite or Cola, etc. Drink, but if you don't think about this drink bottle while drinking drink, how to produce these various bottles? Today, I explain the origin of these beverage bottles today. These drink bottles are inseparable from plastic bottle blank, and the bottle blank is an injection molding product is an intermediate. The beverage bottle is a product made of blow molding, and the bottle of the bottle of mineral water and black tea is mainly made of PET. This material produced has a hard, tough, high strength, high strength, and environmental protection. Non-toxic, let everyone feel relieved. Beauty plastic industry Huizhou Meiqi Plastic Products Co., Ltd. 13 years focuses on multi-variety, fast training, mass production plastic blowing bottle manufacturer, professional production of pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics bottle, supporting head, spray gun, various bottle caps, sand , Engraving, silk screen, bronzing, plating, etc., modern industrial enterprises mainly in modern daily plastic packaging.

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