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A bag of PET plastic bottles, a person who has been reported, yesterday morning, the police station in front of the Yiwu Public Security Bureau is on duty room, and the alarm phone is suddenly ringing. After connecting, a man tale in the phone said very urgently. He saw someone to jump to the building, and quickly sent people to come over and rescue. After receiving the police, the on-billet police immediately insisted the nearby police to the scene, when the police arrived, the man who had to be born has turned over the fence, standing outside the fence, ready to jump.

At the moment of the man jumped, the police rushed over his clothes and arms, but the other party did not accept rescue, but insisted to jump, constantly swaying the legs, twisting the body, trying to break away from the police. Seeing the man who has to fall, the taxi driver before the alarm, quickly pulled the pavilion on a sack full of plastic bottles, placed in the position of the man's foot. Just on the taxi driver just put the sack, the man broke away from the police of the police, fell, fortunately, just fell on a sack, a bag of empty PET plastic bottle has played a good buffer role.

Seeing the shackles, the police did 120, while rushing down to the downstairs, check the man's injury, fortunately, the man is only injured, the body is not a problem. Life is precious, in this beautiful plastic bottle Xiaobian hopes everyone can be healthy, if you have any needs in plastic bottle, welcome to inquire 0752-3737979, website: http://www.hzkepend.com .

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