If the bottom of the plastic bottle is "3", be careful


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After drinking mineral water, black tea, milk drink, it is very convenient to use empty bottles. In the summer, many citizens like to use these empty bottles as a bottle. In this regard, the Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau staff reminded: the bottom of these bottles has an "ID card" - a triangular logo.

It is understood that different numbers in the triangular identity represent different materials: such as with a plastic bottle labeled a digital 3, the bottle will release carcinogen. Plastic bottles are used in water, Shengma, "I use it every day to drink hot water, convenient and save time." Today, near Jinxiu Garden Community in High-tech Zone, Ms. Li told reporters that the weather is hot, the child is every day It is necessary to take drinking water to the school.

Ms. Zhang said that some drink bottles look very strong, when the waste sells, she will take the season. The reporter noted that the mineral water bottle was universally soft, and the citizens took warm water. Some bottles such as pulsation, ice black tea and other drinks are hard, and the citizens like to use it to boil water, the more beautiful shells, and the texture is very popular.

It is very dangerous with mineral water bottle to carry hot water. There is a series of English letters. These numbers, letters mean? "Today, in the vicinity of the entrepreneur road, Mr. Mi Mi said that he was confused," Is it a place name? Is it a bottle material, or ...? "For this, the reporter consulted The staff of the Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. The reporter learned that the number of the beverage bottle is indicated by the material of the manufacturing bottle, and the number in the "triangle" describes whether the bottle can be repeatedly used and the precautions when using.

"'1' represents PET (polyethylene terephthalate). In general, mineral water, carbonated drinks, functional beverage bottles are this material. But note that this bottle cannot be 70 ° C Hot water, otherwise the bottle will release carcinogens.

"The above staff said. He also mentioned that if the bottom of a plastic bottle is labeled" 3 ", it is recommended not to use it water: this bottle is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), it is easy to release carcinogene Substance. Bottle of Number Representative Means Market Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau Quality Supervision Inspection and Testing Center staff reminds: The triangular logo at the bottom of the plastic bottle is marked with numbers, and each number represents a plastic material.

1 represents PET (polyethylene terephthalate): generally used in mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles. Heat resistant 70 ° C, only suitable for normal temperature drinks or frozen drinks, easy to deform when high temperature liquid, long repeated use may be released. 2 Represents HDPE (high density polyethylene): for cleaning supplies, bathing products.

These containers are usually not easily cleaned, which is easy to become a bacterial temperature, try not to use long-term use. 3 represents PVC (polyvinyl chloride.

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