Plastic bottles are lightweight and cannot neglect the consumer experience.


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Lightweight plastic bottle packaging The concept has been talked for many years in the industry, and many well-known companies have explored and tried in this regard. For example, Coca-Cola Lightweight Mineral Water Plastic Bottles: Ice. Indeed, lightweight plastic bottles have a lot of advantages, which are greatly promoted for environmental protection and sustainable development.

    The author is also one of the firm supporters of the plastic bottle lightweight packaging. However, there is a problem with plastic bottles of lightweight packaging, that is, consumers' experience. If we picked up a bottle of ice ordered water, we will find that the ice plastic bottle is very thin, but very soft, the grip does not have other similar mineral water plastic bottles, so good.

Because it is too thin, the bottle is very soft, which makes the plastic bottle not particularly comfortable. This is actually a key issue for a product. A bad experience will make consumers to purchase other products when they purchase.

   Therefore, regardless of the benefits and advantages of plastic bottles, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of consumers, which is not ignored.

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