Widely used plastic products impact on the environment


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Widely used plastic products have great effect on the environment, and plastic waste produced by plastic products has two main hazards in the environment, namely "visual pollution" and "potential hazard" visual pollution refers to waste plastics in the environment. Destruction of the city's landscape. In large cities, tourist areas, water, the abandoned plastics scattered by the railway brings adverse stimuli to people's visual, affecting the overall beauty of the city, the scenic spot, especially the scenic spot, will bring a bad visit to visitors from the same place. The first impression. It is called "white pollution" in now, is more and more discarded plastic film, plastic bags and other plastic light-colored products.

Potential hazards refer to the long-term deep levels that are difficult to descend to the natural environment after entering the natural environment. Such as waste plastic products are mixed in the soil, affecting crops absorbs nutrients and moisture, causing crops to reduce production. As far as abandoned plastic products in the land or in the water, it is reported that the abandoned waste into the ocean reaches 6.6 million tons, these waste plastic products are swallowed by animals, causing animal death.

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