Causes of plastic analysis to improve heat resistance of food plastic bottles


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Food plastic bottles have a good sealing, lightweight, easy-to-carry, has been widely used in daily life of consumers, but when packaging high-temperature food, we will always worry that the heat resistance of food plastic bottles is not enough, today Plastic bottles manufacturers Mei Fruit plastics are analyzed to increase the heat resistance of food plastic bottles. Food bottles have all QS standards in the production session, and there are relevant departments, so it is relatively safe to produce this stage of food bottles. However, from production to filling to logistics, then to consumers, the food bottle has a long use of chains.

There is a factor on this chain is worth paying attention, that is, high temperature. Safety and stability of food bottle packaging in high temperature environments. Now, with the rise of temperature, this factor affecting food safety should cause a sufficient attention to food production enterprises and food packaging machinery companies.

The first is in the filling link, now more and more food is high-temperature sterilization, which requires a high temperature resistant index that can have a high temperature resistant index, otherwise the safety of food bottles is difficult to guarantee in the filling process. Secondly, in the transportation and shelf link, the summer weather is hot, sometimes the temperature is as high as three or 40 degrees, the temperature in the carriage is higher, and the food bottle needs to keep the packaging stability, which requires high temperature resistance of food bottles. Aspects have been guaranteed. Beautiful fruit plastic, specialized R & D staff provide plastic bottle packaging solutions according to customer needs; free access, have senior quality inspectors and professional testing equipment for quality inspection according to standards; professional customer service team supporting related service systems, if there is Problem, timely follow up, quickly handle; if you are interested in the product of beautiful fruit plastic products, please contact the website online customer service, or call the hotline: + 86-15916785363, we will be happy to serve you.

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