Which wholesale price is low in Beijing disposable sterilized bottle manufacturers?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Which wholesale price is low in Beijing, which is the wholesale price of MGG, has been engaged in disposable plastic bottles, disposable sterilized bottle production and sales, the company's current production level is completely trustworthy. If your home It is a glass bottle, any of the above disinfections, the effect is a lever! But attention is that the glass is cold will cause burst. If you like the traditional boiled disinfection method, you can remember to get cold water. After gradually heating. If your home is a plastic bottle, Xiaobian recommends using steam disinfection or ultraviolet disinfection, do not use traditional boiled disinfection methods or microwave disinfection. For God? Current plastic bottles, although mostly used PP materials, such products can be sterilized at 100 ° C.

However, the use of boiled or microwave disinfection law long-term repeated use of harmful substances has not been contained, and the insurance has been used, and it is more reliable with ultraviolet sterilization. Ultraviolet disinfection is the effect of sterilizing and disinfection by disinfecting the molecular structure in microbial body cells by appropriate wavelength of ultraviolet rays. Of course, the high-top ultraviolet disinfection machine prices are relatively higher.

If the home is a stainless steel bottle, it is very suitable for the traditional boiled disinfection method or the steam disinfection method, but this type of bottle or not suitable for microwave disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection. For my mother with clean forced disorder, the bottle cleaning and disinfecting. It is a step, cleaner, hot water, rolling water cook ..., say that in the end bottle is sterilized? Is it enough, cleaning agent, hot water, Hot water boiled? Every time I need this to do this? If the baby drinks N times a day, my mother spends a lot on the cleaning of the sterile bottle. This is true for pursuit of minimalism. Actually, Xiaobian believes that the bottle is regularly disinfected is an essential step. For example, cleaning the bottle every morning, it is too busy, sometimes too busy or occasionally forgotten, that is no longer. If you want to pay more worry, don't take the "lazy bottle".

This bottle has a built-in a dispelled dairy bag, which is not need to disinfect the bottle, just clean the pacifier.

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