In the future, the three trends in the development of pharmaceutical plastic bottles industry


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Medicinal plastic bottle is a plastic bottle that is formed by blow molding process, mainly used in a pharmaceutical packaging, liquid solution, solvent, etc. Plastic container, as a carrier of pharmaceutical products, transportation, display rack Showing, carrying usage, etc. Medicinal plastic bottles generally use PET materials, high quality, high strength, good sealing, excellent moisture, health safety, etc., is currently widely used in the market. Medical packaging container. my country's pharmaceutical plastics bottle packaging industry has been developed for more than ten years, summarizing the development of more than ten years and develops rapid development.

In the future, the pharmaceutical plastic bottle industry will closely combine the trend of the times, and will inject more fresh elements to meet the increasingly competitive market demand to meet people's usage habits. In the future, my country's pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging industry will present the following three points of development trend: 1, anti-seepage drug plastic bottles: well known, drugs are easily tidal in supermarket environments, affecting the efficacy of drugs, and plastic bottles of anti-seepage drugs It is possible to completely block the entry of moisture and oxygen, and ensure the effectiveness of the drug. 2, anti-child open plastic bottle: In order to prevent children from curiosity, such pharmaceutical packaging bottles can effectively prevent this happening.

3, anti-counterfeiting pharmaceutical plastic bottle: implant electronic identity in pharmaceutical plastic bottles, can check related information, such as producers, production dates, product batch numbers, etc., have excellent anti-counterfeiting effects. With the rapid change of the trend of the times, the pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging is in the past, more convenient for people's use, more safe and health, more reasonable, and compliant market competition is increasingly fierce demand.

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