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In a school park in Huiyang District, Guangdong Province, every class, you will find one or two big snake bags, bags or less, drinking water in the bag, or less. Plastic bottles, every other time, a bottle of the bottle will be sent to the class teacher at home, accumulating a certain number and selling it to the waste acquisition station, the resulting payment is kept by the class cadres, as a common funding expenditure of the class . In fact, all class recycling drinking water plastic bottles have long been a common style. As early as five or six years ago, there have been several classes of the class teacher to call the students to throw plastic bottles, and put the plastic bottle in the bag. Some class director also specializes in managing this matter. Nowadays, a year affects another class, a class drives another class, a student infects another student, and everyone recycles drinking water plastic bottles have become habits.

Of course, this long-term payment of students 'development education, paying close attention to campus environmental health, and cultivating students' green environmental protection concepts closely. Now, whether it is in the campus, it is difficult to find a trace of drinking water plastic bottles, because the plastic bottle has become a more robbing resource, the students are reluctant to throw after drinking drinking water. The bottle is consciously placed in the collection office of this class. Some students also extended the tentacles to the campus and put the plastic bottle picked up on the road to the class and contributed to the class "finance".

In the process of actively collecting the bottle, the green environmental protection concept quietly generated. Small drinking water plastic bottle, saving environmental protection from you, I start! .

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