Some problems of plastic drum packaging


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Plastic buckets, compared to plastic bottles, we talk less. Plastic buckets are different from plastic bottles, with a lot of characteristics. The author wanted to stand in a plastic bucket today to talk about some problems with plastic buckets.

First, the portable and convenient portability of the plastic barrel needs to be paid.   At present, there are many plastic barrels in the market that are lacking in this area. Plastic buckets are very troublesome because of unreasonable capacity, and is very troublesome about the handling and use of the logistics.

In the carrier of plastic buckets, it is convenient to use, and the author believes that can be divided into two aspects. One way is small capacity, and the wrap is lightweight plastic bucket. This type of plastic barrel is mainly reflected in the function design of the handle, so that the player is more labor-saving, more convenient is to consider an important part of the plastic barrel design.

For large-capacity plastic buckets, there is more ideas for creative ideas. For example, some large rubbish plastic bottles are installed on wheels, which is very convenient to pull, convenient. Second, the use of plastic buckets, plastic buckets are often relatively high, and it is more durable.

For example, paint plastic buckets, now many migrant workers friends use the paint plastic bucket to load clothes, used to load large rice, used to pick vegetables. For the perspective of convenience, we believe that plastic barrels should be convenient to clean and disinfection. Finally, the cycle reuse of the plastic bucket is also a direction in which it needs to be advanced.

At present, the plastic bucket recycle is very low. The circular utilization of plastic bottles involves recycling, involving various aspects such as equipment, requires step to advance.   For plastic barrel packaging, our plastic bucket manufacturers need more thinking, and the problems in packaging are still more.

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