"The insects are mistaken into the plastic bottle era"


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

On this day, the insects were lost. He walked over to a strange country, the road is a plastic bottle, the house covered with plastic bottles, or plastic bottles, like a Coke bottle, Sprite bottle, orange juice bottle ...... More people here are like plastic bottles, and the legs are smaller than the stomach. When the insects were insect, the sound of familiar sounds, the sound was surprised and excited: "Worm insects, how come you?" The insects came back to see a medium-Coca-shaped man standing behind him. He was shocked and swallowed and asked: "You ... you are ... Who?" The voice showed a disappointment, said: "I am your friend Fang Huilin!, Don't you know me?" Pneese? " I heard that Fang Huilin, I am friendly, two good friends are happy to hug. After happy, the worm is inexplicably asked: "Are you not living in a happy era? How come this?" "Oh, blame me."

Worm, let's talk to my family. "The worms come together to Hi Lin to her home, Fang Huilin's home is a large-scale Snowstone, very luxurious, walk into the door, see plastic bottle table, chair, walk into the bedroom, plastic bottle bed, TV, table lamp. In short, Everything is made of plastic bottles (except for people).

Fang Huilin has a worm to visit her home, and it will begin to say how they will come here. Fang Huilin asked the insects to sit on the plastic bottle chair, poured a glass of water (in fact, Sprite, because in the era of plastic bottle, what kind of house can you fall out, Fang Huilin home is a snow, fell out of course It is Xuebi. "I am very happy in the happiness, but I don't know when, I love the plastic bottle. I don't see the plastic bottle for a long time. I think about the plastic bottle day and night. Unhappy, you have to know, then in the happiness era, it is improving the law, so my parents have been introduced by colleagues. "After the insects listened, ask:" What about it now? "" Now, I am fine. " , But my father and mother are sick again, hey, I am tall.

"The worms listened very sympathetic Fang Hui. I felt that he would stay to Fang Huilin's family. He went out. The insects walked out of the plastic bottle, and it was much easier, because he knew, this time he didn't Give your unhappy family to add trouble.

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