Blow bottle machine promotes plastic bottle packaging intelligence


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

 Now, the intelligent trend has penetrated all aspects of industrial products. In the future, with the upgrade of information technology, intelligence will be an inevitable trend. Intelligent can give consumers a better experience, so that people's lives are more convenient, and the products will be more human.

For blowing machine packaging, some of our blower manufacturers will always think that they are not bound to intelligence. This idea is wrong and terrible. If you don't adjust your ideas in time, you will be eliminated in the future.

We all know that the plastic bottle produced by the blowing machine, in fact, plastic bottles are involved in the industry very wide, from food to cosmetics, drugs, chemicals to pesticide packaging. Intelligent will be inseparable from plastic bottles, and the plastic bottle should be intelligent naturally, and it is inseparable from the driving equipment of the blower machine production equipment.   For blow molding machine manufacturers to promote product intelligence, intelligent implantation into plastic bottle packaging, increase the added value of plastic bottle packaging products, and also improve the market competitiveness of their own equipment.

   We believe that the bottle blower should promote the intelligentization of plastic bottles, there are two directions, one direction is hardware, and the intelligent chip is implanted by the production of a smart chip in the production of plastic bottle of the bottle, which effectively promotes the intelligentization of plastic bottle packaging. . Another direction is the platform of the software, providing a data platform for intelligence, from querying the tracking service.

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