Lithium battery soft copper plan introduction


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With the popularity and popularization of new energy vehicles, electric vehicles, the lithium battery manufacturer customizes the module of the lithium battery according to the growth needs of the electric vehicle battery, supercapacitor and other storage systems, which correspond to battery, capacitors, and capacitors. The product is highly integrated with the electronic components used by the electrical connection, voltage collection, temperature sensing, signal transmission (flexible PCB board), and other electronic components, such as the electrical connection, voltage collection, temperature sensing, signal transmission (flexible PCB board). It is the soft copper row line we told. Lithium battery soft bronze row solution: The single cell voltage of the power battery is generally about 3 V to 4 V, in the current pure electric vehicle and plug electric vehicle, the output voltage of the power battery pack is substantially from 500 V to 700 V, in the driving power battery pack, you need to connect 100 cores.

The current solution of the electrical core is mostly the copper column soft connection + signal harness, during the mass production process, will inevitable due to a large number of artificial wiring. At the same time, copper software connection solutions solve the likelihood of such wiring errors. The method of using a soft copper row is also simpler, and can adapt to automated assembly requirements, which greatly improves production efficiency and system reliability.

In addition, the copper row of the electric electron stacking used in the industry is different. The current new energy car battery copper row is constructed softly, and it is possible to more effectively suppress the influence and damage of the battery on the vibration during the vehicle travel. The superimposed copper arrangement is a high-voltage distribution box for electric vehicles as high-efficiency and reliability of the relay and fuses in the distribution box. Electric vehicles have high requirements for vehicles as vehicles.

Therefore, each manufacturer passes the battery capacity of the battery capacity while increasing the battery capacity, and the heat battery system has become a problem that is increasingly difficult. The design of the battery mask generally uses a compact structure. However, the battery's own fever has a tendency in the middle, and the weight of each part is sensitive. These elements increase the design difficulty of the heater.

In the application of the electrical bus, since the battery capacity is large, the volume is large, the power density is relatively low, and many air-cooled schemes are used. If the battery pack for ordinary sedan, its electricity density will become high. Thereby, since the requirements for heat are also higher, the application of copper's soft connection can be immediately disconnected, and the temperature in the battery module can be maintained normally.

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