Is the commercially available honey plastic bottle be beep, really vinegar?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

I wanted to say that the holidays and my family went to Yunlin County Gukea Huashan to play, and the roadside saw a burst of selling honey vinegar is also very polite, and it is no wonder that business is so good, even I have attracted it. After the test, he introduced him. He also wanted to pay for it. Later, I heard that the real vinegar could not use plastic bottled, because vinegar will corrode plastic, will dissolve melamine, so I didn't buy it, I only answer a "I Go shopping first, etc., consider seeing. What I want to ask is that this news I have heard is correct? Vinegar If you use plastic bottled, it will solve melamine with plastic bottles. If so, why is there so many people in his booth? Is he selling really vinegar? Update: CYC: CYC: I mean not to say not to buy a vendor, because I am also a vendor, because I have no money to open the store, so I want to set up! The content I ask is what I want to ask, really vinegar If you use plastic bottles to release melamine? Then why there is so many companies making vinegar coming out, but use plastic bottled? Update 2: Well, so you have to buy vinegar, try to buy "Glass Bottle" will be safer? Best answer: The vinegar does not use a treasure bottle or a plastic bottle, I also read the market that is selling in the market is the kind of treasure bottle, I don't dare to buy you at the market. Which vinegar is not a glass bottle as for what they sell in them, I think it is a lot of concentrated juice.

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