PU PET is the same material? PU non-plastic? Will automatically decompose?


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1 pu 'PET is the same material? 2PU non-plastic? 3 will automatically decompose? 4 It bottle paper is a PET triangle recycling number, but the lady says this bottle is automatically decomposed by PU, non-plastic really? Like maintenance, make-up, bathing, if I don't want to buy too much, I am afraid that the plasticizer will be dissolved, 5pu will not have this problem? ? ? How to Update: I really thanked the bottle to the transparent colorless Miss said that it was a white plastic now PU but real seems to be PET. I think she is not necessarily the price or I don't have a good answer: 1.pu It is the abbreviation of PolyureThane, and PET is an abbreviation of POLY (Ethylene Terephthalate). It is basically a high molecule Polymer, but it may have an ester structure like a part of the high molecular chemical structure, but please pay attention The main physical properties are different in nature. 2. PU is a plastic, which is no doubt, because PU can have two different types of machining characteristics First, the thermoplastic PU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is also thermoset PU (Thermosetting polyurethane), RESIN is almost equal to Plastic Polymer. So don't be met with English translation 3.A. Pu To see the main structure is a polyester or polyether structure, there will be Different decomposition time. It is all decomposed. This is the most important research topic of PU in physical properties. How to make PUs are not easy to hydrolyze this highly research project. Basically PU is mainly yellow, and the physical properties are decreased. Not oxidizing is hydrolysis. B. PET has not been reduced by a lot of thermal processing due to its molecular weight and even three recovery, so it can quickly recover quickly. But PU is mostly more than ten thousand more than ten thousand. So it has a lot of physical life in thermoplastic polyurethane, and the problem of recycling amount is born. But in thermosetting polyurethane develops recycled use of raw materials. Technology, that is, recycling Polyol.4.a. PU's light transmittance can be done well, can do more than 10 mm or more, can adjust the formula from the structure, but can also achieve 1 mm is not light. Transparent to the structure. But the transparency of PET is actually poor, and it can be seen from the PET film. It is very transparent and clean, but it has a certain haze, when stacked to 10 mm thick, there may be fog However, the application of PET in the optical film is quite. B. 1 PET triangle recovery number comes from RESIN Identification Code, and there is not much special intention to represent a particular material, just one. Random numbers, random numbers have been used in the middle of the triangular recycling number, 1 Most of them refer to PET recycling. It does not represent PET best recycling or saying that it can be recycled several times, it is the random number, so it can be very sure is not PU Because the TPU is still not included in the recycling place Step .c. Mainly used PET as a container.

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