Is the plastic bottle is poisonous? Is the plastic bottle toxic? Which plastic bottles are poisonous?


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Different numbers in the triangle represent different use conditions, and the plastic bottle will release carcinogenic substances after a long time or high temperature. These symbols originate from a set of standards developed in 1996: The triangular arrow is a plastic recycling mark. It means that the material can be recycled, the common 1 to 7 of the triangle, indicating the material of the plastic supplies, convenient for plastic recycling The factory is classified for different plastic recycling. In these few types, not all plastics can be used to install food.

Number of plastic bottles 1: PET polyethylene terephthalate, common mineral water bottle, carbonated bottle, etc. Heat-resistant to 70 ° C is easy to deform, and there is a substance that is harmful to the human body. After 10 months of plastic products, the carcinogen DEHP may be released.

Can not be placed in the car inside the sun; do not install the numerals in the bottom triangle of wine, oil and other substances 2: HDPE high-density polyethylene common white vial, cleaning supplies, bath products. Don't use it to do a cup, or used to make storage containers to install other items. Cleaning is not thorough, do not recycle.

Number of plastic bottles 3: PVC polyvinyl chloride common raincoat, building materials, plastic film, plastic box, etc. Excellent plasticity, cheap price, so it is very common, only heat resistant 81 ° C. It is easy to have a bad substance when high temperature, rarely used in food packaging. It is difficult to clean and easy to residue. Do not recycle.

If you put a drink, don't buy it. Digital 4: PE polyethylene in the bottom triangle of plastic bottles, plastic film, etc. There is a harmful substance in high temperatures. After the poisons enters the human body, they may cause diseases such as breast cancer and newborns.

The plastic film is not in the microwave. Digital 5: PP Polypropylene Common Soymilk Bottle, PP Polypropylene Copper Bottle, Microwave Food Box. The melting point is up to 167 ° C, and the only plastic case that can be placed in the microwave can be reused after cleaning.

It should be noted that some microwave furnace boxes are manufactured in PP, but the lid is manufactured in PE, since PE cannot be retroped to high temperatures, so it cannot be placed in a microwave with the casing. Number of plastic bottles 6: PS polystyrene Common bowl bubble frame, snack box. Chemicals cannot be released in the microwave to avoid chemicals due to excessive temperature.

After sucking acid (such as 橙 汁), after alkaline substance, it will decompose carcinogen. Avoid packing hot food with fast food boxes. Do not use a microwave oven to cook a bowl of instant noodles.

Number of plastic bottles 7: PC Other common kettle, space cup, bottle. Department stores often use such a water cup as a gift. It is easy to release toxic substance bisphenol A and harmful to the human body.

Do not heat when you use it, don't go straight in the sun. This plastic product has a high hardness, good transparency, is relatively utilized, but if the cup has damage or discoloration, it is possible to cause harmful substances in plastic, it is recommended to use it. Plastic bottles will have toxic substances in the case of heat or aging.

The general plastic bottle will be aging after half a year, while even the most durable microwave lunch box, will also have aging phenomena after use, and will also affect health. Citizens should purchase qualified products produced in formal manufacturers when they buy plastics, and they must be used in strict accordance with the product manual.

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