The difference between solid and liquid in plastic bottle packaging


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  Dongguan Rich Plastic Products specializes in producing plastic bottles, PET bottles, food plastic bottles, health products plastic bottles, HDPE plastic bottles, PET plastic bottles, food plastic packaging bottles, health products plastic packaging bottles, plastic cans, consultation phone: 0769- .   We know that the objects of plastic bottles can be divided into a solid, liquid, and powder. This is a focus on the difference between the solid and liquid plastic bottles in the packaging character.   With regard to the characteristics of solid and liquid plastic bottles, we take targeted subsis from individual parts.

First, the bottle of the plastic bottle, the diameter of the solid plastic bottle is greater than the liquid plastic bottle, because solid product is relatively low, but the diameter of solid products is often large, which makes solid plastic bottles in order to facilitate product filling lines, It is necessary to improve the bottle mouth. We can see that the wide-mouth plastic bottles on the market are mainly used to pack solid products. Conversely, liquid plastic bottles are higher for sealing performance, while in order to drink and filling, the small mouth plastic bottle is used in the liquid market.

Second, regarding the wall thickness and transparency of the plastic bottle, the solid plastic bottle is not high for the transparent and wall thickness requirements of the plastic bottle. However, liquid plastic bottles have high requirements for wall thickness, and liquid products have a certain pressure, requiring plastic bottles to withstand pressure, which requires a liquid plastic bottle to reach a certain wall thickness to withstand the pressure of the product. Liquid products also requires the transparency of the plastic bottle.

Some liquid products are sensitive to light, so it must be noted in design.   The differences of liquid and solid plastic bottles are basically concentrated on the details of the product, I hope that our manufacturers can pay attention to and treat them.

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