Plastic is struggling to fight the warrior against the typhoon, you have worked hard.


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

On August 10, 2019, Typhoon Leichma landed in Zhejiang. Super typhoon brings superhang rain. All localities have triggered severe floods, mudslides and other disasters, and the warriors of all sides are brave, together to work together, fight the typhoon together. This typhoon transit Zhejiang, can't help but think of the strongest typhoon mangosteen in Shenzhen in 2018, the destructive power is extremely impressed, the impression is very impressed, the flood from the mangosteen, the factory building of Guangdong plastic bottle of Coopeng plastic plastic plastic plastic, first floor Employees and machines have to evacuate, but fortunately, they did not have safety accidents and production accidents. After the typhoon, their partners worked together, repair the machine, to organize the workshop, and resume production to customers. This is the spirit of Ko Peng, I believe that the Zhejiang people can work together to fight the typhoon.

At the same time, the plastic bottle production industry is also facing white-heat industry competition patterns. Koopeng Plastic Company must undergo reluctance to improve the core, in order to stand in the market, the company's core competitiveness mainly includes market sales and customers Three aspects of relationship, product quality, cost management and control. Welcome to consult Guangdong Plastic bottle manufacturers Kapeng Plastic to discuss cooperation.

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