The packaging of edible salts will use this plastic bottle will become a trend!


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

As shown in the figure below, this bottle is generally packaged in seasonings such as pepper, such packaging can be said to be very convenient to use, can control the amount of seasoning, so this bottle is very common in life. But in the near future, the salt of salt will also use this plastic bottle. In many places, edible salts are generally existed in the packaging of plastic bags, even if they use the seasoning tank, it is not good to control the amount of salt of salt, do not tight, the key is to use more tastes, so it is not good, so use This plastic bottle is packaged with salt, which will greatly control the amount of salt of salt, thus making a delicious food. This seasoning plastic bottle is now exported to various countries, so the trend has been slowly made, I believe that in the near future, this plastic bottle packaging salt will become common in people's lives.

Transparent PET material, it can be very convenient to see the bottle is the edible salt or pepper, or other seasonings, the cover is used to take a tooth sign or a butterfly cover, which fully utilizes the food and salt, etc., achieving environmental savings It is also possible to control the salt salt without the hand, it ruined the food. What is rich? Plastic bottle manufacturer, with a lot of well-known food brands, seasoning brands, health products, business products, business products, rich in producing plastic bottles, PE plastic bottles, etc., customized LOGO, silk screen, etc. Can be done in a rich manner, thereby reducing customer troubles.

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