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The Chinese breakfast begins in fritters and soy milk, usually using a thin film plastic bag. Most of this plastic bag is made of transparent, polyvinyl chloride materials, which is commonly used because of comparative inexpensive. The new fried fritters are generally high, typically 90 degrees Celsius, but polyvinyl chloride often dissolves at 80 degrees Celsius, and preheating will release some harmful substances.

Don't just refer to the fritters, there are some other fried foods, and it is not suitable to put it in the plastic bag immediately when you just go out. There are still some plastic foam's lunch boxes. Now people eat a box of boxes now, but must pay attention to this plastic foam's box must be heated in the microwave, and other plastic products. It is suitable for heating in a high temperature environment. These plastic products will penetrate the harmful substance into the food in the case of high temperatures, and dissolved in the food, and harmful substances.

Now people prefer to eat matrix, and many merchants are giving guests to laying food, I like to put a layer of plastic plastic wrap in the bowl, thinking that this is the health of customers, I don't know, the plastic fresh film will be Prefers that harmful substances under high temperature conditions, it is possible to have hundreds of times more bacteria that will not be clean than the bowl. There are also some cooked plastic bags that are directly in contact with plastic packaging, but don't use colored plastic bags. From the above introduction, we can see that our lives are inseparable from plastic packaging products, but we can avoid the harm to our body through the right way.

Special reminding us is that we try not to bring a bag when heating the food, as long as the heating of high temperatures, plastic packaging products are also helpful to us.

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