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Jinan Medical Plastic Bottle Production Sales Manufacturer, MGG is a professional manufacturer of solid medicinal plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, and various models of pharmaceutical plastic bottles and other products, high quality, low price,< br / >Welcome to your visit. The common pharmaceutical plastic bottles in the market are mainly used in beverages, food, pickles, dried fruits, honey, edible oils, farm drugs, liquid or solid, disposable plastic packaging containers. Medicinal plastic bottles are not broken, low cost, transparent high, and other raw materials. Medicinal plastic bottle is easy to carry, not afraid of falling, acid, alkali-resistant, production, and is also conducive to recycling, the family should replace plastic products such as flavors.

In the production of plastic tableware, medicinal plastic bottle manufacturers remind you that PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) label, decorative pattern should be selected, colorless and tasteless, and it is necessary to pay attention to operation of plastic finished products. Do not touch vinegar, clean agent, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, etc. to avoid chemical reflection. China's mechanical processing plastics finished products and strategic emerging wealth close-up, high efficiency, energy saving benefits and higher cost performance, exports to the country with medium and low-end, this department consumption demand is required, so The medicinal plastic bottle has a large market space. "No. 6" is a bubble frame, fast food box, etc., has a feature resistance to heat resistance, has a wide range of application characteristics.

The bottle print appearance is the attention of the concentrated region zui attracts consumers. The printed appearance should be lubricated, including the process, strengthen the structure, planning to be printed; Yi: High-shrinkage reinforced plastic contraction of small plastic compared, mainly due to the constitution and chemical structure of the process shrinkage. Yi Yi's factors affecting the species of shrinking plastics.

Compared to ordinary epoxyphenol resins, epoxy phenolic resins, unsaturated polyesters, etc., a small contraction unsaturated polyester material, such as contraction plastic parts, large thick walls, such as plastic and The glass fiber filling contains a small volume shrinkage, and the volatile content is also very suitable for large contraction, forming pressure, volume shrinkage, compromise compared to cold load, lacking large curing shrink peeling. It will affect the operation of medicinal plastic bottles, in order to reduce and prevent contraction, it is an important factor in atrophy. It affects the actual operational ending. Second: Liquid Strong Pharmaceutical Bottle is more prone to excessive stacked and glass.

The stratum pressure and temperature will increase significantly, the fluidity is affected by a variety of factors, and the liquidity of certain materials is evaluated, and the specific analysis is required, which is a factor affecting the fluidity.

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