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Jinan Medical Plastic Bottle This is a? MGG is an influential dealer, producing solid pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, and various models of pharmaceutical plastic bottles, occupying He is an important market in Hebei, I look forward to your call: + 86-15916785363 In operation, the medicinal plastic bottle, the health of the medicinal plastic bottle is our attention, it is the cover of attention. Medicinal plastic bottles When touching our mouth, if there is no clean bottle cover, it may enter the human body. A composition in which a pharmaceutical plastic bottle is sterilized.

Characteristics, plastic, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, plastic, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, exactly pay attention to all lubricants suitable for operating scales, only according to lubricating fluid, plastic bottles, not by chemical damage, otherwise, drug Plastic bottles will be filling and packaging, because there is a lubricant with chemically trained ultrasonic thickness with high acid or high alkali, while storage bottles are burst or leak or transported, this phenomenon is particularly common in filling soda. Because large plans include unevenness sensitivity, pharmaceutical plastic bottles and pointed out the roots, necks and other threads, which are easy to crack and crack, so these should be planned into a rounded angle. A plastic bottle system for blowing medicine, small mechanical trauma, good bottle and gas tightness, leak seepage rate, high transparency, beautiful appearance.

ZUI's large technical issues are not easy to uniform bottle wall thickness, great temperance, and vulnerability. Today, the main method of producing a pharmaceutical bottle equipment has the following types: (1) extrusion blow molding, (2) injection molding, (3) pull the blow molding, (4) injection molding; these four Method of producing product structure has no function. Small medicinal pharmaceutical plastic bottle operation of injection molding equipment pharmaceutical factory, because in the process of forming a needle blow molding bottle, pay attention to the injection molding equipment of the bottle mouth, thereby ensuring accuracy bottle, then by the mandrel Mechanically configuring blow molding bottles to ensure the accuracy of the shape size of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle, the drug can effectively prevent the bottle from volatilizing and external gas penetration.

Since the needle blow molding machine requires a pair of semi-finished molds, blow molds, the cost of the device is a relatively high extrusion blow mold. Blowing polyester (PET) is a linear thermoplastic saturated polyester, a feature viscosity (IV) 70 - 80 l / g for blowing grade, is used to make the plastic blow molded bottle size. (1) Cylinder temperature parameters: General cylinder before the Cylcurde temperature 265 ° C to 275 ° C, and the cylinder temperature is from 280 ° C to 290 ° C, and the cylinder temperature 260 ° C to 255 ° C.

The hygroscopic polymer material must via wet and dry, dry temperature of 150 ° C to 163 ° C, and the temperature should be reduced to about 120 ° C, about 0.05% water content, heat preservation. The particle drying on the forming function is great, and the air in the outer surface should be avoided because the dry raw material is the water in the air.

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