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Blowing also is also known as hollow blow molding, a rapid plastic machining method. The thermoplastic resin is extruded or injected into a tubular plastic type blank, hot (or heated to the softening condition), placed in a pair of mold, immediately flows into the compressed air in the parison immediately after closing, so that the plastic type blank Swumbling is close to the inner wall of the mold, and the cooling is released, and various hollow articles are obtained. The manufacturing process of the blow molding film is very similar to the blow molding of the hollow article, but it does not use the mold, from the viewpoint of the plastic processing skill classification, the molding process of the blown film is usually included in the extrusion.

Blowing Processing Factory Blowing Process During the Second World War, the start is used to produce low-density polyethylene vials. In the late 1950s, with the birth of high-density polyethylene and the development of blow molding machines, the blow molding skills have been widely used. The volume of the hollow container can reach thousands of liters, and some computer control has been used.

Plastics suitable for blow molds include polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polyester, etc., air-blow molding machines in the income are widely used as industrial packaging containers. Blow molding factory Guangdong blow molding factory, find beautiful fruit plastic, beautiful fruit plastic 13 years focus on blow molding toys, blow molding container custom production, more details, please pay attention to the official website, fast channel, you can contact phone WeChat 1392288294 Or consult an online customer, the company is dedicated to serve you.

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