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Today, the scope of blow molding is very wide, such as toy industries, packaging industries, electrical industry, and other industries. Nowadays, the mold is also increasing, the position of the mold (composite line) involved in the blow molding process, the product slope, product layout, inflation ratio, rounded, and modified appearance is a mold engineer and Blowing engineers must consider. The specific analysis is as follows: 1. Type of product.

There is a certain slope in parallel to all surfaces in the direction of the mold, wherein the slope should make the mold can be easily opened to make it easy to remove the article; 2. The position of the composite line. Pre-mold engineers need to carefully consider how to scale, which will affect the layout of subsequent products and product appearance; 3. Check all use functions. When used as a product, the less components, the less the assembly work, because the cost of product can be reduced; 4. The radius principle.

Avoid sharp edges, corners, sudden changes in the surface, sudden transitions of the product diameter or wall thickness; 5. Blowing ratio. In the inflation, pay attention to the region that causes the wall thickness geometric shape, which may be protruding or recessed, and the ratio is too large when the ratio is too large. 6. Insert, exhaust tank, The intake needle, the top pin, lettering and labeling position must be carefully considered. In summary, whether it is a small blow molding product, or a large blow mold, the blow molding is not less than the energy and time before the development, must carefully consider the blow molding The effects of the effect can match each of the blow products to appearance and functionality.

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