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The bottle design is a small plastic bottle, which usually uses frequent and exposed it frequently. However, we can easily ignore him unless it is inconvenient to use us, we will pay attention to us. Let's take a look at the bottle selection of plastic bottles.

The mouth diameter of the bottle of the plastic bottle is small, various shapes, although the difference is relatively large, the style is more. However, the bottle design of the plastic bottle is not casual, it must be convenient to consumers, but also to ensure the quality and storage of the package. For the plastic bottle of the beverage class, the shape and diameter of the bottle need to take into account the convenience of people's mouth drinking, and can not make the beverages that are easy to sprinkle or difficult to fall out in the drinking process. These are consumers. Use a lot of experience.

Therefore, the bottle mouth of the beverage plastic bottle must be moderate, and the children and adult beverage market should also be distinctive. For the goods of dried fruits and sauce, the plastic bottle of the wide mouth should be used, which is mainly convenient to take it. For some powder-shaped drugs, the goods should be narrow and finely porous plastic bottles.

It can be said that the design of the plastic bottle opening is a learning, a learning of a relationship user consumption experience.

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