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Medicinal plastic bottles are also the pharmaceutical bottles we often see, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-toxic, no adsorption, non-dissemination, and simple production process. The use of aluminum bottles should pay attention to the bottle body, inner cover, cover of the sanitary index and bottle, inner cover, and outer cover. Also pay attention to the compressive strength of the bottle.

5L should be greater than 700N, 3L should be greater than 250N. Medicinal plastic bottles have continuous improvement of plastics, pharmaceutical machinery, and safety standards. Future plastics packaging will also have a lot of development in medicine.

The application of pharmaceutical plastic bottled pharmaceutical industry is already almost occupied most of the market. Medicinal plastic bottles generally adopted PET material, strong texture, high strength, no damage, very strong, moisture-proof, hygiene, special requirements for packaging of drugs, etc. advantage. It is a fine pharmaceutical packaging container that can be directly used in the pharmaceutical packaging container, which is widely used in oral solids and oral liquid medicines such as oral solids and oral liquid medicines. Compared with the bottle in hollow packaging containers, there are many very special places in pharmaceutical plastic bottles.

For pharmaceutical plastic bottles, the market share of the plastic bottle in recent years is constantly rising. Traditional glass medicine bottles have some defects in the packaging seal, and the market share will have a fast compression. The number of manufacturers engaged in the production of the glass medicine bottle industry has a far-sighted manufacturer of pharmaceutical bottles. quantity. The pharmaceutical plastic bottles produced by our company are made of polymer feedstock.

Any toxic chemical composition and any chemical formulation are not added. It was synthesized by a high-molecular compound at a high temperature and one thousand to 2,000 atmospheres at a high temperature and one thousand to two thousand. Among them, any other substance is not doped in polymer compounds to avoid any toxic chemicals.

Well use the medicinal glass bottle. We should pay attention to the following points: Good appropriate chemical stability, good suitability of anti-temperature acuteness, good stable specifications, good prototype and good appearance, and transparency.

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