Lightweight PET plastic bottle is used in pharmaceutical packaging industry


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Traditional Chinese medicine is to treat diseases through the opening of the cooked medicine. In recent years, it has been implemented in the official vigilance, and the theory of Chinese medicine is demonstrated by Western technology. A variety of treatment of disease is not inferior to the results of Western medicine. However, the common circulation is not convenient to buy and carry with Western medicine. To this end, the Chinese medicine industry actively develops a new pharmaceutical method.

Practice into the medicinal pills or medicinal packaging, facilitate the wholesale and retail, and make the popularity of Chinese medicine. Some historical old agents have stabilized a fixed market, but because the inclusions of the packaging quality are old, they have not further expanded the market share. Against some old names that can break the new day, take the Western and new generation youth to further accept and affirm the traditional Chinese medicine, in the packaging, and do the internal and external parties, replace the new packaging expansion market.

The attractive packaging can improve the brand image of the product, which has already been confirmed in a variety of products. Foreign drug bottles use PET plastic bottles for packaging materials. According to Japan's famous ASB Mechanical Co., Ltd. Phenylene terephthalate has no chemical reaction with most of the drugs without affecting the stability of the drug.

◆ High transparency bottle is comparable to glass bottles, let users know the quality of drugs ◆ High anti-breathable characteristics allow drugs to maintain optimum efficacy ◆ Bottle light, convenient for consumers; reduce transportation cost ◆ PET plastic The characteristics of the department are high toughness, which can be impacted, not easy to break, more secure and reliable, and can reduce the damage to the transportation. Improve its sealing, both leak-proof to ensure safety ◆ Beautiful appearance, greatly enhanced drugs and brand images take the topical ophthalmic water as an example, drug packaging has changed most of the PET bottle. Eyes are our important organs, users are higher for direct safety requirements directly for eye drugs. Let the user clearly see the degree and quality of drugs in the bottle, and it is not easy to crush. It is convenient for everyday carry, and the PET bottle is one of the best choices.

Dongguan Fuwan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. produces plastic bottles, food plastic bottles, health products plastic bottles, seasoning plastic bottles. The famous plastic products in Guangdong Province were established in Guangzhou in 1999, moved to Dongguan, Guangdong, 2009. 20 years focus on plastic bottle production and sales, become the supplier of world famous enterprises such as Disney, Amway, and beautiful, and establish a strategic partnership with the Miyuan Spring, Jiangsu Jiangshan Pharmaceutical, Dongguan National Medicine Group.

Its material has PET, PE, PS, etc., can be opened, can be self-contained with golden cover (sub-gold, sub-silver), plastic cover (swirling, anti-theft cover, tear cover, lid, fan cover, toothpick cover Wait). Plastics packaging continuous improvement, as in the near future, the oral liquid of medical and health care effects at home and abroad, some manufacturers have also replaced new.

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