The bottom of the plastic bottle is very knowledgeable


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The bottom of the plastic bottle is very knowledgeable. Merge. And, scientists found that No. 1 plastic product used for 10 months, may release carcinogens DEHP, which is toxic to the testicular. Therefore, if the beverage bottle is used, it will be lost, do not use it as a water cup, or used to make storage containers to use other items, so as not to cause health problems.

"No. 2" HDPE: Cleaning Products, Bath Products ★ Cleaning does not completely recommend not recycling: can be used in careful cleaning, but these containers are usually not cleaned, and the original cleaning supplies are residual, become a hotbed of bacteria, It is best not to use it. "No. 3" PVC: At present, it is very suitable for food packaging. Causes diseases such as breast cancer, newborns congenital defects. At present, the container of this material is relatively small for packaging food.

If you are using, don't let it heat. "4" LDPE: plastic film, plastic film, etc. It will leave some plastic preparations that some human body cannot decompose. Also, the food is wrapped with a plastic film to heat it, and the fat in the food is easily dissolved in the wrap the harmful substances.

Therefore, food into the microwave, first remove the cling film wrapped in the package. "No. 5" PP: Microwave Stove Box ★ When placed in a microwave, remove the cover: The only plastic box that can be placed in the microwave can be reused after cleaning. It is necessary to pay special attention, some microwave oven box, and the casing indeed manufactured by PP, but the lid is manufactured in PE, since PE cannot be retroiled to high temperatures, so it cannot be placed in a microwave with the casing.

For insurance, the container is removed before the container is placed in the microwave. "No. 6" PS: Bowl Bubble Box, Fast food box ★ Do not use the microwave boiled bowl installation: heat resistant and cold, but cannot put into the microwave to avoid chemicals due to too high temperature. And cannot be used to take strong acid (such as a willow orange juice), strong alkaline substance, because it will decompose polystyrene to human body, which is easy to cause cancer.

Therefore, you must try to avoid packing hot food with fast food boxes.

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