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The low price of medical plastic bottle manufacturers, MGG has always been serving our customers with solid medicinal plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles "quality, timely delivery, reasonable price, service thought".< br / >The production peak season is different, and it is interspersed in the field, which presents a challenge of plastic bottle manufacturers. The season in the water demand such as a glass bottle, and the water bottle are in the summer, if the manufacturer of two products can play, thereby achieving seamless peak season production status. However, many plastic bottles manufacturers are not limited to a category.

This time you need the precision meter production of the factory, the order seems to be plastic, which can be required to produce the benefit zui. You can quickly implement A / P at the same time, increase the inventory rate, give the customer a good procurement experience. Advocate low-carbon life, pay attention to energy saving and environmental protection, has become advocated by the modern life concept.

Plastic bottles, everyone likes to recycle, but at the same time pay attention to environmental protection, we also ignore some small problems, recycled plastic bottles, what knowledge is chasing it is important? Yi, not all plastic bottles can be recycled. Look at the numbers of the triangle bottle 1 - 7, each number represents a different type of plastic. For most consumers, most don't know these details, which requires media to do more publicity, and manufacturers' plastic bottles should bear more responsibility, pay attention to these signs.

Some beverage companies worth learning will notice the bottle packaging of warnings, such as paying attention to the signs of the bottom of the bottle, pay attention to the use of safety, etc., allowing consumers to pay attention to recycling, and ensure the benefits of physical and mental health. For example: high-transparent high temperature BOPP plastic bottles are operability, with their unique advantages, becomes a lifeline of small and medium-sized milk products and other beverage enterprises, not only 120 degrees, high temperature filling, and deformation of secondary bactericidal and ultra-low temperatures. The condition is not broken, it is an ideal version of PET bottle. Experts say that PET is hot and filling bottles every day, and there is less heat capacity. If storage time is more than 14 days, then it can only use ordinary bottles, Bopp bottles do not have such requirements, and storage will not change heat resistance in one year!

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