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1. Plastic thin film plastic film generally refers to a flat and soft plastic product plastic film having a thickness of 0.25 mm or less is a wide range of varieties in plastic packaging materials. There are many varieties, except for plastic films for ordinary plastic packaging bags. There are many special varieties, such as liquid packaging films, shrink films, winding films, refrigerators, fruits and vegetables, surface protective films, torsion membranes, etc., plastic films are mainly used to prepare various packaging bags. In addition, there are more commonly wrapped packages, torsion packaging, surface protection, and more.

2. Plastic container containers are another large class of plastic packaging materials that can be used in conjunction with the plastic film. Plastic container hollow container, turnover box, cup, disk, etc. (1) hollow container, it is mainly used for packaging liquid substances, sometimes used in packaging some solid matter, wherein typical representative products are blow molding containers and roll plastic containers. , The largest plastic hollow container is only a few ml. Extra-large roll plastic containers can reach tens of M3, using the most plastic hollow vessels, is a capacity of several hundred ml of plastic bottles.

(2) Turning box, is used in components in the goods or production process, and the turnover box container is different from the general plastic packaging material. The turnover box generally reuses multiple times, while one is used. (3) Containers such as thermoforming cups.

Such small containers are manufactured by the sheet by the sheet. It is characterized by uniform thickness, convenient manufacture, low cost, and is a packaging material commonly used in food. 3. Textile bag plastic textile bag is a middle and one of the plastic packaging materials. It was originally developed as a sheaf of sacks. Now its application range is far exceeding the supplies of sacks, and the textile bag is mainly used for packaging solid products. Such as cement, grain, salt, and a variety of chemical raw materials. Plastic textile bags often have a plastic coating or in combination with inner lining bags to achieve good moisture-proof effects.

The most common specification of plastic textile bags is medium and small packaging bags in 10 ~ 25kg capacity. There is also a container bag that can accommodate 500 ~ 1000kg material. This large container bag has been widely used in packaging of chemical materials and wool and other commodities.

Plastic textile bags are mainly made of polytene, and there are also products using high-density polyethylene or linear low-density polyethylene as raw materials. Two shortcomings that the eV to slip when the plastic textile bags in the past, it is easy to slip, and it can be overcome by an ultraviolet absorber and composite with the paper line, and the use effect is significantly improved. 4. Foam products and other plastic packaging materials foam products are an important branch of plastic products. The main feature of its performance is that the effect of shock absorption and heat insulation is very significant, and the application of foam products in packaging except for foaming. In addition to the survey box, it is also used in a variety of home electrical appliances, electrical instruments, and chemical reagents such as shockproof packaging, forms of articles, boxes, lining blocks, and so on.

A wide variety of plastic packaging materials, it is really important, and it is more important to mention plastic packaging, ligation rope, plastic network, etc.

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