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Intravenous infusion is a rapid and effective route of administration, which is the most common treatment in outpatient treatment. There is no full-time doctor, many patients, the disease is diverse, the disease is complex, the range is high, and the liquidity is strong (the patient comes with the seating, the seating is not fixed. Nurses When patrolling patients, the disease will generally observe the condition of the infusion card. Regulate the infusion speed, but when the peak of the infusion, the nurse is extremely large and complicated, the nurse is not watching the infusion card, causing the nurse to transfer to the patient's call reminder, there is no time to observe the nursing safety hazard after the infusion.

In order to ensure the safety of infusion, preventive defects, improve work efficiency, I use drug plastic bottle cover to make nursing warning sign, sign, monitor, monitor, monitor, have received good results, and now introduce as follows. 1 Production Collection Red, Yellow, Green Three Colors The bright pharmaceutical plastic bottle cap, the cap is circular, 2cm in diameter, perforation in the center of the center, and puts the two-color bottle cover with the rubber band. 2 Use method to consult the nurse according to the patient's condition, the drug action, the drug action and side effects choose the appropriate signage, hanging from the liquid bottleneck (hung here is firm, prevent loss, etc.), intravenous loss Note one of the above patients, hanging green signage in the bottleneck, the last set of liquids, only one set of liquids freely signage; infusion, high-permeability drugs, chemotherapeutic drugs, to slow down Drugs, such as aminophylline, hang yellow signage; the condition is heard in red signage.

After the infusion is completed, the logo is removed, soak it in the chlorine disinfectant. 3 Discussing the issue of infusion security has always been the focus of hospital management, and the outpatient infusion chamber is one of the high-risk places of nursing incidents. In the outpatient infusion chamber adopts the logo management mode, it is a good role in preventing care errors to ensure the safety of patients during the infusion process.

For example, the green signage prompts the continuous use of the drug, reminding the inspection nurses to evaluate the infusion volume, supervising the drug nurse to add and replace the liquid; hanging yellow signage reminder is more special, reminding nurses to observe patients with no drugs Reaction, there is an endless leakage, whether the infusion speed is suitable, etc .; the red label reminds the nurse should strictly observe the patient's condition and focus. Identifies the role of a warning reminder. Red, yellow, and green label are brightly pleasing. You can give the child warning information in the sight of the nurse, which encourages nurses to consciously enhance observation, nurses in puncture and replace liquid, logo to strengthen the nurse risk awareness, check again, and more cautious.

Outpatient infusion room uses warning sign, which can make work order; nurse is busy in busy work, not chaos, the infusion situation is clear, in the heart, improve work efficiency; can make the nurse from passive to active, Can find problems as soon as possible, reduce the occurrence of protective disputes, improve the patient's satisfaction; the drug bottle cover is easy to make, simple, waste utilization, practical and durable.

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