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F-200A is a popular PET square food bottle, anti-theft cover design, can be installed with left and right honey, you can also install other products you feel suitable, and customers have access to toys, dried fruits, spicy sauce. The cover color can also be customized according to your product, you can solve the process: support logo custom, bottle design, bottle cap oxide letter, screen printing, hot stamping (hot silver), label printing, set shrink film, sticker Glue label, matte. There are many advantages of PET plastic bottles, unlike the glass bottle, there is no express delivery, the bottle is transparent, can make the consumer to see the product, can also customize color. Company Profile: Dongguan Fu Plastic Products Co., Ltd. produces plastic bottles, food plastic bottles, health care plastic bottles, seasoning plastic bottles.

The famous plastic products in Guangdong Province were established in Guangzhou in 1999, moved to Dongguan, Guangdong, 2009. 16 years focus on plastic bottle production and sales, become suppliers from world famous enterprises such as Disney, Amway, and beautiful, and establish a strategic partnership with the Miyuan Spring, Jiangsu Jiangshan Pharmaceutical, Dongguan Group. Its material has PET, PE, PS, etc., can be opened, can be self-contained with golden cover (sub-gold, sub-silver), plastic cover (swirling, anti-theft cover, tear cover, lid, fan cover, toothpick cover Wait).

Dongguan is rich in R & D team specializes in developing new plastic bottles, and the track market trend and international level. From raw materials - check acceptance - injection - submerged bottles - test - packaging into the warehouse, layers. Master the international level of plastic bottle manufacturing process, the whole process controls product quality.

We focus on plastic bottles for 16 years, serving large-scale food manufacturers, health products manufacturers and condiment manufacturers. Dongguan's rich use of advanced blow molding equipment and experienced technical engineers, the company's products have been sold all over the country, all over the country, also exported to various countries, received by users. Introduce international horizontal injection molding production line, strictly control the quality of the product.

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