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This day, the high-quality adoption of solid plastic bottles in various countries, in the world, in Thailand, near To Japan, India, Uzbekistan, Tanzania and other countries have held "PET bottles to bottle" high quality regeneration During the period, if China users only compensate for the low-grade product regeneration production of short-quality PET bottle tablets, can it be in the previous line? Recently, there are several systems dedicated to PET. The series of crystalline regeneration configuration is dedicated to the re-processing of PET, and the IV value of the final product can be promoted. Depending on the results of the punishment of the production line, it is ultimately available for sheets, belts, fibers, etc., belts, fibers, etc. of the food (bottle to the bottle).

It also opens a series of configurations to improve the IV value of PET quality or adoption, so that it will eventually pay the requirements of the wish to fight with food. Solid plastic bottles have brought revolutionary changes to the beverage packaging industry. In order to achieve the high value of PET, the bottle to the bottle to take the ability to adopt a hot spot that is concerned with the manufacturer. Recently promulgated on solid plastic bottles directly for packaging food, solid plastic bottle, beverages and other skills all standards and delineation skills, helping solid plastic bottles can use users more effective, more meaningful use of PET polyester resources .

The appearance of the solid plastic bottle mainly includes the overall shape of the bottle, surface tones, gloss, and external quality, etc., the quality characteristics such as human visual feelings. The basis of appearance quality inspection is based on the defects of the various parts of the plastic bottle, and different appearance defects have been developed. Solid plastic bottle injection and extrusion blow molding plastic bottle of plastic bottles of extrusion blow molding and injection molding plastic bottles differ in: injection molding, molded to form a plastic bottle body Includes podns and female molds.

When the injector is injected into the mold cavity by the syringe in high pressure, when the cavity is opened, the male model must be removed from the female mold to top the bottle. In the extrusion blow mold, an extruder head is formed. The blow mold is mainly composed of two half-female molds, generally no need for a male model, and the blank is blown with an injected compressed air.

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