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Manufacture of medical plastic bottles, MGG guarantees the best production team, producing the best pharmaceutical plastic bottle, solid medicinal plastic packaging bottle, medical plastic bottle, we are looking forward to your visit! Activity temperature TF: means The temperature of the amorphous polymer is highly elastic in the viscous stream state. The lower limit is an amorphous plastic processing temperature; the decomposition temperature of TD: measuring the polymer of the viscous stream, when the temperature rise will exacerbate the degradation of the molecular chain, the decomposition temperature of the temperature polymer molecular chain is significantly degraded; melting temperature TM: in crystallization The polymer refers to the temperature flow mode of the three-dimensional large molecular chain planning to the remote champion, also referred to as a melting point, a lower limit temperature of crystalline polymer processing; glass transition temperature Tg: refers to amorphous polymers (Some of the crystalline polymer including amorphous crystalline polymers) from the glass state to a high elastic state can pass the latter transition temperature, the movement of the free amorphous polymer polymer segment, ZUI low temperature is the product operating temperature limit. These are commonly used methods for ZUI in the production of medicinal plastic bottles.

The pharmaceutical plastic bottle is for liquid plastic packaging, which can have an important role and performance in actual packaging. It takes certain process production in actual processing to ensure that medicinal plastic bottles have good product performance and advantage. Medicinal plastic bottles are bearing plastic packaging, which can have important roles and performance in actual packaging, which requires specific production processes to ensure a good performance and advantage in use. Medicinal plastic bottles are cleaning finished containers, and the production hygiene cleaning finished container is an inherent advantage of step in place. Due to the reduction of two-step fungus storage, reducing the process of crowding 2-level treatment and post-treatment, avoiding dust impurities in deposition In the bottle, inside and outside the wall, in order to avoid contact with the bottle embryo, the container is conducive to reducing bacteria pollution.

The pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging has the main role, but with this, environmental protection and other issues, safety and health have always been concerned with all walks of life. In order to meet the changes of consumers' environmental awareness, plastics packaging companies have been committed to the development of "green" packaging, mainly including reusable green packaging, environmental control, high barrier packaging, sterile packaging, antibacterial packaging, etc. There are also environmentally friendly, beautiful packaging materials, in addition to plastic packaging products, there will be more new packaging materials, should have good compatibility guarantees production, storage and products in the production, storage and use of the container, because the container is chemically unstable, reaction Certain substances caused by certain substances lead to the failure of the use of products.

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