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Manufacturer, integrity is the cornerstone, quality is guaranteed, MGG adheres to the win-win situation, with the best pharmaceutical plastic bottle, solid pharmaceutical plastic packaging bottle, medical plastic bottle, welcome to inquire.< br / >Because most plastics have unevenness sensitivity, pharmaceutical plastic bottles and pointed out of the roots, neck and other threads, which are easy to crack and cracks, so these should be planned into a rounded angle. When choosing a label plastic bottle appearance, it should be noted that the surface of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is smooth, the Yi times expanded in the blow molded blank, always tends to hardeize the yi portion. So the part of the wall thickness.

The edges and corners areas, the parison blows the zui end contact portion, and the partial wall thickness is small. Therefore, the marginal and erase portions of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle should be planned to be rounded. A pharmaceutical plastic bottle whose appearance is changed, for example, a pharmaceutical plastic bottle is relatively thin, and an annular groove or ribs of plastic appearance is added to the middle, and plastic rigidity and resistance can be further enhanced.

Longitudinal trenches or reinforcement can eliminate pharmaceutical plastic bottles for a long period of time offset load, resulting in sagging or deformed. Pharmaceutical plastic bottle processing projects with blow molding machines is very common, so it is necessary to pay attention to this process. I want to tell you that temperature changes are essential to the treatment of medicinal plastic bottles.

In the operation processing of the hollow blow molding machine, it is necessary to pay attention to temperature control to ensure that some of their production is suitable for pharmaceutical plastic bottles. Inactivity: Zui high temperature does not occur at a certain pressure. It is a certain number of plastic capillary rheologic in the top of the cylinder head, when heated to a certain temperature, 50 mPa after 10 minutes after heating, constant pressure, if the material is not problematic, the material is re-adds the temperature of 10 degrees After 10 minutes of insulation, the constant voltage is applied, so continues to be suspended from the mouthmail, and the material temperature of the melt flow is inactive temperature of 10 degrees.

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