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Regardless of how the health products are classified, the requirements for oral liquid bottles are indeed unchanged. Previous oral liquid bottles have been focused on how to extend the quality of the drug, thereby ensuring the safety of the drug. Recently, as people demands continue to increase, consumers have long been no longer satisfied with the quality of oral liquid bottles, turning more attention to the humanized design of oral liquid bottles.

In recent years, the humanized design of oral liquid bottles has progress, especially in liquid medicines, glue * drug mark arrows, cycles, etc. However, the design of oral liquid bottles ignores a problem, which is a problem with you, because the health products need to be taken daily, so it can be changed from the portable portability of the oral liquid bottle. For the health care market, we understand that it is often too general.

In fact, the market for health products is distinguished, there are older people, children's market, with men, women's market. The type containing the health care product is also diverse. Therefore, we believe that the current oral liquid bottle is designed and packaged in a single, there is a need to refer to the packaging of cosmetic bottles, using oral liquid bottles of different appearances for different user groups and functions.

Sales of health products often have different time periods, each year's high school entrance examination, and Mid-Autumn Festival, spring, etc. are the peak of sales. And the types of health care products sold different festivals are also different. For example, the middle school entrance examination is a health care product for teenagers. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a market for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Therefore, the other side of the oral liquid bottle manufacturer is to adjust the product production time, and adjust the production schedule of the product according to the peak season of different downstream sales. On the other hand, different markets have different types of demand for oral liquid bottles, so it can be targeted for product sales. We believe that future health care market will become more and more refined, and oral liquid bottles will also be refined.

The development of oral liquid bottles has experienced the development and changes of the oral liquid bottle. Now that the oral liquid bottle has become a sign of innovation and development in health care products, there is a new type of oral liquid bottle listed in the packaging industry of health products. Oral liquid bottles have experienced a certain development process, both development or progress, in accordance with good market laws and forms, can fully demonstrate good performance and use characteristics.

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