How to maintain quality in extreme weather packaging


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   In recent days, the extremely cold weather is proposed for many daily normal use. The water pipe is broken, the faucet is unable to discharge water, and many things cannot be used normally, affecting people's immediate life. Among them, the author is most concerned about the plastic bottle packaging. It is clear that some problems such as plastic bottles of plastic bottles have occurred without performing strict standards of plastic bottles, and the rupture of plastic bottles. Many merchants have exposed there.

This, more problem is the glass water plastic bottle. There are many plastic bottles of plastic bottles in the market. Many merchants saves costs in the glass water plastic bottle for controlling costs, which makes the glass water plastic bottle on the market very thin. Under extremely cold, it often ruptures.

   Under the cold weather, the plastic bottle is easy to rupture. In fact, in the summer, we have a lot of plastic bottles that we need to be tested. For example, a plastic bottle of a beverage class, a mineral water plastic bottle, some people in the summer will place it in the car during drinking.

The temperature in the car can reach 100 degrees under the hot sun. In this environment, these drinking plastic bottles we found that it would be soft. This will worry about drinking consumers.

   For plastic bottle packaging, how to ensure the stability of its quality in extreme cases, this should cause us to pay attention. After all, there are currently a lot of packaging materials and types in the market.

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