The bottle cover also needs market segmentation


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

    In the past, the author repeatedly talked about the segment of the plastic bottle packaging. It has a distinctive market characteristic of different people, the elderly, children, and women, and there is a clear enthusiasm in packaging, and market segmentation can be made. Better catering to market demand. However, for the bottle cover, we seem to have fewer points to pay attention to it. The market is that the bottle cover industry does not do, and a bottle cover of a product is almost the same for children or the elderly.     In addition to playing the feature of the bottle cover, there are many other functions.

First of all, the bottle cover is an important part of the packaging, and a beautiful bottle cover can greatly improve the appearance of the product for the product. This will help to improve the market sales of the product, attracting more market consumers to improve sales. Divide the bottle cover, depending on the different consumer groups, it is clearly more chasing these consumers' psychology and winning their affirmation for the product.

Second, there will be different habits of different consumer groups during the use of caps. For example, there are currently a bottle cap of many sauce classes on the market, which is used in the mouth of the horse, although the sealing performance is excellent. However, many users of the sauce are housewives, they are relatively small, often encountering a lot of trouble when opening the pickles cap.

If you subdivide the bottle cover market, it is improved for the characteristics of the housewife. Obviously, it will be able to improve the consumer experience.    Therefore, for the bottle cap manufacturers, it is necessary to subdivide the market.

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