Why do you need to use PET spray bottles for your first time twice?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Why do you need to use PET spray bottles for your first time twice? When the liquid begins to extract the liquid, the split is to start a downlink stroke instead of the uplink stroke (the piston is outside the hydraulic cavity). When the wrench is pulled back to the first time, the piston is pushed forward, but there is no liquid to be drawn; the hydraulic cavity is only air. The piston slides themselves to suck out the liquid from the reservoir.

When the PET Spray Bottle Piston begins the first uplink stroke, the pump begins to absorb the cleaning liquid from the reservoir. At the same time, it also sucks the air in the plastic tube of the reservoir. Before starting to spray the cleaning solution, you must take the air to remove the air.

Therefore, it may be necessary to come back to the wrench several times. This simple pump design is called a reciprocating piston pump with a wide range of applications. This design can also be used to extract water and oil from the ground in addition to the water, air, and other liquids.

Even in the human body, there is also a reciprocating pump system: When the heart expansion, low pressure blood is inhaled by a one-way valve; when the heart shrinks, high-pressure blood is back from the other one-way valve to your body. The same basic mechanism, let a normal PET spray bottle work, and human beings can survive in this world! Click for more information about the PET spray bottle! ! ! .

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