How to solve the problem of small batch procurement of customers in Guangdong


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

People who understand the production process of plastic bottles understand that it is high to open the mold. This cost is very high. If the customer's purchase is not high, the plastic bottle manufacturer will not choose to accept orders, because It is a loss. Unless the customer increases the number of plastic bottles, only plastic bottles have more production, and after this mold cost is boosted, the cost of plastic bottles is not too high. However, most merchants will not be too high in order to detect the first batch of subscriptions in the market demand.

This will often let the manufacturer lose a lot of potential customers. This quantity problem can be said to have a very difficult plastic bottle market, while companies purchasing plastic bottles have also increased the difficulty of purchasing. After many years of market research, we must solve this problem to try to do the following: First, the plastic bottle factory is rich as much product line, and a certain inventory is configured to meet the market demand, in fact, many plastic bottles Manufacturers have neglected companies for the first batch of purchases, but once these procurement users have successful, the long-term will lead you an incredible harvest.

Second, establish a blown mold distribution center. There are many local plastic bottles manufacturers very concentrated, and they have been rented through the mold. For idle molds, additional income is obtained, and the leased blow mold enterprises have effectively reduced the first order quantity. To risk. Guangdong blow molding factory, find beautiful fruit plastics, beautiful fruit plastic 13 years focus on blow molding toys, custom production of blow molding containers, please pay attention to the beautiful fruit, fast channel, can contact phone WeChat 13922288294, or Consult online customer, the company is dedicated to serve you.

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