How to choose a hygiene and safe PET plastic bottle


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How to choose a hygienic and safe PET plastic bottle life can be seen everywhere, PET plastic bottles are closely related to people's daily lives, which can be unattended. There is also a large-scale plastic recycling base in China, but the supervision is not standardized, and the quality is not uniform. In addition to making many plastic bottles, it is harmful to people's physical health, as well as pollution on work transportation, also seriously endangering consumers' health.

Select Plastic Bottle Principle: L Sealing and water vapor permeability is two important technical indicators of plastic bottles, which plays an important impact on the stability of the packaged product. 3, plastic bottle product quality standards.

From the production plant product quality standards, it can analyze the quality of the product quality. 4, quality assurance system. Audit the supplier has become an important part of purchasing plastic bottles.

Through auditing, a comprehensive correct assessment can be made to the production plant's soft, hardware facilities, technical equipment and quality comprehensive levels. 5, used in packaging drugs, nutrition and health products, food drinks must not use recycling 惠 州 美 塑胶 制品 有 13公 公司 13 years to focus on multi-variety, fast, mass production plastic blowing, using advanced automation equipment production PET, PE, PP, EVA, K materials and other packaging containers are designed from mold development, bottle design, silk screen pattern to blow bottles, injection molding, and silk screen. The product is constantly pushing up, walking in the forefront of the times and trend, and can develop, design new products, new packaging, meet the needs of different levels of markets, and company website:

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