Bottle cap gaskets to the outstanding contribution of the food industry


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

     The cap gasket is a plastic bottle accessory for plastic bottle mouth and the bottle cap, which is a plastic bottle fitting that is enhanced, and the manufacturing material of this component needs to be divided into plastic material and aluminum foil material. Its role is the most prominent performance in the food industry and plays an important role in food packaging. This plastic bottle fitting has a lot of benefits to producers, distributors and consumers.

The following small series will give you a specific analysis of the bottle caps to the outstanding contribution to the food industry. 1, effectively protect the equipment, extend the shelf life of the food. Foods have a certain nutrients and moisture, which are favorable conditions for microbial breeding of yeast, bacteria, and mildew. When the food storage temperature is suitable for their reproduction, it will make foods to deteriorate.

If packaging with a sterile aluminum foil gasket, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of corruption in food, thereby extending the shelf life of the food. 2, can be convenient for food circulation. Some packaging is used for food circulation. It needs long or long distance transportation, handling, etc., such as bottled wine, beverage, cans, milk powder, etc., this packaging choice uses aluminum foil gasket to pack, help Food transportation and handling.

3, can increase the type of food. Consumers can eat local flavors in many regions. For many areas of flavors, only the packaging of aluminum foil spacers can ensure safety circulation, so that all famous foods are circulated, increasing people's food types. 4, can promote the reasonable circulation of food: for fresh food, easy corruption, food, etc. The application in food packaging promotes the rationality and planning of food circulation.

5, effectively prevent food from being contaminated. Food If you use a cap gasket package, then food in the process of circulation, avoid direct contact between the container and the human hand, which avoids food will be polluted and provide guarantees for the quality and safety of food.

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