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Huizhou PET plastic bottle manufacturer _ beauty plastic industry is far ahead! PET plastic bottles are the main packaging container for drinks and food packaging! In the market than glass, porcelain and other traditional packaging bottles are more popular! PET plastic bottles have the following features: 1, transparency gloss is good, the product status of the package is displayed, so that consumers are more assured 2, the quality is light, easy Transportation, falling resistance 3, food grade raw materials, environmental safety! 4, have good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3-5 times the other film, the ability to resist 5, the gas and water vapor permeability is low, both excellent gas barriers, water, oil and odor performance Huizhou PET plastic bottle Manufacturer, beautiful manplastic industry is far ahead, with 13 years of production research and development experience, ISO9001 certification system, Mei Gas PET plastic bottle products are packaged according to standard production, ensuring health and safety beauty, but also produces PET plastic bottles, food packaging bottles It also focuses on the research and development and production of PE plastic bottles, plastic pots, plastic buckets, and other products, widely applied to pharmaceutical, food, chemical, fragrance, industrial product packaging, grain and oil, pesticides and other industries! Welcome everyone wholesale and customize all kinds of PET plastic bottles or other plastic packaging containers! Consulting Website:

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