New changes in shampoo bottle packaging market


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

The shampoo market has been a foreign capital giant. For shampoo bottles, the market's wind direction standard is also standard in shampoo in these foreign daily increasing giants. However, the market is always quietly changed, and the shampoo market is in the segment, the foreign shampoo brand market share is slipping, and domestic washing water enterprises are rising.

        So, what new changes in the shampoo bottle packaging are made? First, the capacity of shampoo bottles will develop in three specific directions, and the mainstream capacity of 500ml is still the market main body. With the increase in residential groups and the number of household populations, the shampoo bottles below 200ml began to be popular. Other large-scale beauty salons are biased to a shampoo bottle above 1L capacity.

Second, the shampoo of domestic herbal medicine is gradually starting to occupy a certain market, and the shampoo is a great improvement of shampoo bottles. Thirdly, there are more than 5 bottles of shampoo in the market, there is a fake and shoddy product, so the anti-counterfeiting performance of the shampoo bottle will also be an important direction in the future, and the manufacturer will be improved.         The continuous segmentation and competition in the shampoo market tends to be fierce, and it is a new opportunity for small and small shampoo bottles.

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