New energy car copper row new energy custom copper row soft connection


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Name: New Energy Custom Copper Soft Connection Material: T2 Copper Process: Cut, Bending, Stamping, Surface Treatment: Cocitilized / Silver Plating / Nickel Plating Product Specifications: Design Custom Product Features: Anti - Combustion, Conductive, Pressure, corrosion, etc .; guarantees a copper content of more than 99.9%, and raw materials ensure T2 copper, and copper foil raw material test report and our copper foil soft connection finished copper content (using spectral analyzer detection) test report. Many companies on the market replace T2 copper in T3 copper, which caused high temperature rise and low life, and so on. 2. Copper foil raw material bending 150 times is constantly fractured; Standardized thickness testing; 5. High quality insulation casing guarantees that our Soft connection uses special custom high-quality insulated casing, pure plastic production, does not add calcium powder to ensure the performance and life of the insulating layer; 6. Precision punching It greatly reduces the burrs, increase the sufficient contact between copper and conductors, which has greatly promoted for temperature rise; 7. Standard packaging, each product winding film packaging and foam fixation; 8. Timely after sale Services, more than 20 people's after-sales and pre-sales teams, ensuring that your problem is solved in the first time.

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