Old plastic bottle "Nirvana Rebirth", garbage classification to make a circular economy


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Garbage, just went wrong with the valuable resources. So, how is the garbage turn waste into treasure? Domestic garbage sorting, domestic waste classification disposal base. Many first stops arriving after returning garbage leaves, is the living waste sorting center.

Will collect the recyclable garbage fine sorting, large waste disassembly decomposition, harmful garbage classification is temporary ... in the waste plastic workshop of the live garbage sorting center in Hefei City, more than a dozen workers have finely classified various plastic bottles. The cost per month is more than 300 tons. PE and PET, actually polyethylene and polyester, as a wide range of plastics, which can also be processed into chemical fiber. Among them, the chemical fiber product processed by polyester - polyester can make clothes or for laundry fillers.

After classification, PET polyester plastic bottles are packaged into bundles for further processing. Southeast Renewable Resources Co., Ltd., Anhui Double-win Group, Tongling City, has a production line to "change the face" of such plastic bottles. After the bundled plastic bottle is unpacked, enter the dismantling equipment, the bottle of the disassembly will be broken, and then send it to the cleaning separation tank.

After the wind selection, the plastic sheet has become the raw material of the chemical fiber plant, which will be shipped to the next stop. Here you first have drying. Subsequently, these diameters of micrometers have become a long strip-shaped chemical fiber product after the steps of winding, clutch, drafting, curling, heat setting, cutting, etc., so that the plastic bottle has completed "Nirvana Rebirth" ".

Doing a T-shirt probably takes 5 bottles, doing a mattress, 40-60 plastic bottles are required. At present, my country's plastic bottles have more than 5 million tons, ranking first in the world, while recovering 10,000 tons of beverage bottles, saving 60,000 tons of oil. The circular utilization of plastic bottles contains great economic value.

All material morphology, as long as it is reasonably moderately utilized, it can become resources. At present, it is vigorously building "resource-saving society, environmentally friendly society", "two" social establishment must develop a circular economy, and the development of circular economy requires a good garbage classification system in the whole society.

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