Beverage bottle recovery price fell to pay attention


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

  Since oil prices have fallen, the recovery of beverage bottles has been greatly impacted. In the short term, the oil prices on the market will rise to the short term of the previous price. This will face a lot of challenges for companies and individuals engaged in the recycling chain of beverage bottles.

   First, the decline in oil prices has led to the advantage of the price gap between the treated and petroleum new materials after the recovery of beverage bottles disappeared. This makes the old material unable to sell, which is interrupted for the entire sales market for waste beverage bottles. State-owned waste beverage bottle recycling management enterprises can maintain operations for environmental protection needs, and have a problem that many private companies are clearly survived.

Secondly, because of the decline in the upstream demand, the demand for waste drink bottles will naturally decline. Many waste recycling stations will exit the fee beverage bottle recycling business. Finally, it is a personal person who is engaged in the recovery of waste beverage bottles, because the waste bottle recovery price has fallen, and there is a few no profits, and will leave other work.

   With the end of the entire waste beverage bottle recycling the market, the ultimate hazardous environment has a great impact on sustainable development. Therefore, we hope that our community should increase the emphasis on the recovery price of the waste beverage bottle, and actively respond to the current problem of the waste beverage bottle market to solve this problem.

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