Plastic bottles turn waste into one of the treasures


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Plastic bottles turn waste into a treasure tips, I believe that there will be a lot of empty plastic bottles in everyone, especially for drinking shoes, I still remember that the plastic bottle often stays with a small money to eat, then. A few furrs are very happy. Now society has improved, and it has rarely seen the kind of innocent practice like a child. Today, I will teach everyone a small trick of a plastic bottle to become treasure. It is simple to transform, and they can make a very practical gadget. Let's learn together! Step 1: First, you will prepare two such empty plastic bottles, but the two plastics should be exactly the same, then use the American dog to cut the bottle of the plastic bottle to cut, after cutting the bottle of the two plastic bottles, Then use the scissors to trim the bottle mouth, as shown in the figure below.

Step 2: The two plastic bottles will then be cut, stick them together with hot melt glue, remember that the middle of the two bottles cover should be sealed, stick it, then prepare a clean scouring cloth or Spa, after cutting a small piece of scientific cloth with scissors, stick with hot melt adhesive in the cap, and then put the scorpion into the plastic bottle, and then pour the appropriate amount of edible Oil, you can cover the bottle after doing it. Do you have to do this? Step 3: In fact, this kind of small tool for this use of plastic bottles is used to rub the shoes. We can take it out to wipe our shoes, very easy to use it, you can see it. Is it very shining? It is ok to cover the rear cover.

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