What are the quality improvement methods of liquid plastic bottles?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Liquid plastic bottle mold is a supporting product for liquid plastic bottles, which gives a plastic bottle corresponding appearance profile, one of the important components of plastic bottles. The high and low of mold quality will directly affect the molding effect of liquid plastic bottles. So how do we improve their quality? Here is a method of improving the quality of liquid plastic bottles.

1. The mold design is reasonable, and the optimal structural solution should be selected as much as possible, and the designers should take into account the technical requirements of the mold and the feasibility and process of their structural design. 2. For the design of the mold, it is to improve the overall quality of the mold, and we need to comprehensively consider the factors in all aspects. It mainly includes the use of the mold material, the availability and safety of the mold structure, the processing performance of the mold parts, and the convenience of mold maintenance.

3. For the selection of plastic mold materials, we must consider satisfying the actual requirements of our customers, while also needing to consider problems such as material costs. In addition, we also need to choose from factors such as molds, use methods, and processing speeds. 4, in the design phase of the mold, we should try to design compact, easy to operate, and ensure that the mold parts have sufficient rigidity and strength.

If in the case where the mold structure is allowed, each surface corner position of the mold parts should be designed as rounded transition form to avoid stress concentration. For cavity, concave mold, and a portion of the core and convex mode, we can use a combined or inquiored structure to eliminate its stress concentration, for those elongated convex or core parts, in their structure, Corresponding protection measures are required. If it is a cold-shaped, it should be configured to prevent the problem of blocking device from occurring or waste.

In addition, we also need to consider how to reduce sliding fittings and frequent impact parts in long-term use of the wear of liquid plastic bottle mold quality.

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